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Max remarks at this point that perpetual calendars do not work. It was a nightmare during my time at Jaeger. It was the same when I was at Harry Winston. They jam, they block and they break. They are the most delicate watch complications.

Stephen began his proposal by suggesting that people were wrongly following the perpetual calendar (www.hellopanerai.com ). He thought the entire idea of the perpetual calendar was flawed. A perpetual calendar is typically created by attaching a module to a base movement that can go up to 31 days and forcing it not to use the shorter months. Because of the nature and construction of the movement, it is compelled to constantly correct an error.

This is why the movement jams so often or jumps when it shouldn’t. Stephen's original idea was to begin with a 28-day base motion -- it's a very simple solution, if you think about. Stephen's next step was to create a mechanical processor to add the dates.

Max didn't blink when Stephen asked him to accept his madness. Stephen had done the impossible four years ago for Replica Panerai Luminor Submersible Watches. Max says that Stephen created a 581-component movement after three-and-a half years of development and a helping hand by his team. We've been using prototypes for more than a year. They were impossible to jam, block or break. It worked!

Stephen McDonnell's genius solution to the delicate perpetual clock is evident in the 581-component movement of the LM Perpetual.

Stephen's mechanical processor is the heart of the movement's brilliance. A pin is located on the processor wheel. This pin is programmed using a rake. The rake arrives on the 25th every month and places the pin in one of four positions according to the number days in the month (28-30, 31 or 29).

A cam programs the rake, with different gaps for month with 31 or 30 days.Replica Rolex Cellini To take care of February in leap years and non-leap ones, a separate planetary cam is added to the rake.

A mechanical processor assembled with month and date indications

View of the mechanical processor, which adjusts and accounts to different month lengths.

The top pin of the mechanical processor adds days or months to a processing time that is longer than 28 days

Close-up view of the mechanical processor

Another cool thing about the processor is that instead of having the date counter jump from last day to first day of the month, it is designed to fly back. This means that it doesn't force the mechanism to go beyond its scheduled day. Instead, the mechanical processor adjusts the date counter to make it fly back to day 1.

Stephen also created a disengaging mechanism so that the movement prepares to jump during sensitive hours, the user will not be able use the adjusting pushers. It's a pretty foolproof safety precaution.